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The only budgeting Marketing benchmarking system for non-profits

Finally, a way to benchmark your non-profit marketing and communications budget. Find out how your budget stacks up againsgt the benchmark set by marketing expert John Suart. Easy, simple and flexible, the benchmark system is the only one of its kind anywhere.

The 3% Give or Take system is Canada's only non-profit marketing benchmarking system.

"The 3% Give or Take Budget Benchmark is designed to give non-profits the information they need to benchmark their marketing and communications budget. It is simple, flexible and easy to use. It is admittedly not the most sophisticated of benchmark systems. Some may find it to be simplistic and argue that a more complex approach is needed. That may be true. However, this benchmark has advantages. It is applicable to almost every kind of non-profit, large or small. Being simple and flexible makes it more usable, and that will be welcome news to the many non-profits that have neither the time or the skills to do anything more complicated. And, at the end of the day, The 3% Give or Take Budget Benchmark is one of the only budget systems of its kind available. If it is better than nothing, than that is a step in the right direction because there is nothing else."


A new, innovative approach to alumni communications

What do alumni want and how can we give it to them? That was the question the University of New Brunswick Associated Alumni asked in 2010 when it selected the Wright Agency to create a new communications strategy for its 80,000 members. The result was an innovative new strategy called New Beginnings which changed the way universities and colleges think about alumni affairs. The lessons from this new strategy is now available in a special white paper from the Wright Agency – Reforging the Bond.

Reforging the Bond dispels many of the myths surrounding alumni affairs. It asks “what is pride?” and “do alumni really care about the value of their degrees?” Many of the yardsticks used in measuring the strength of the alumni relationship aren’t really measurements at all. In fact, most universities and colleges know more about they want from alumni members than they do about what the members want from them.

The white paper looks at generational differences that are making today’s new alumni members much different from their predecessors. Things like student debt, unemployment and the mass market nature of many post-secondary institutions has shaken the relationship between student and university. Reforging the Bond says the result is that more than ever today’s student are unprepared for entry into their alumni associations.

Reforging the Bond spells out all this and more, including simple, easy-to-use strategies and tactics that will invigorate your alumni communications

Download Reforging The Bond