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Read The Lost Generation

Read the book that is changing the way alumni associations think about communications -- The Lost Generation. Written by non-profit marketing expert John Suart, the book makes the case for a change in thinking. Millennials are different. That’s the key takeaway from this book. They think differently, but more importantly, they live in different times than the Xers or Boomers. Universities need to change their advancement models to accommodate this shift. Really, it’s more a shift in thinking than anything else. The relationship the university has with Millennials isn’t something that can wait. Millennials are hurting and they hold their universities responsible to some extent. Until universities realize this they will burn through their Millennials until there are no more. The choice is clear. But so, too, are the actions. The threshold to take charge of this issue is very low. The question for universities is not if they can change their relationship with Millennials, but if they have the vision to do so before it is too late.



A new e-book is promising to change the way the non-profit sector looks at marketing and communications. Concise, simple and easy-to-understand, “The Revolution” takes readers on a journey through the transformations that have fundamentally changed how marketing and communications works.

Author and non-profit marketing guru John Suart calls the shift a revolution, and the most important change to impact non-profit communications in more than 100 years. While most people understand that times are changing, Suart says most don’t understand what the change really is.

“The change isn’t just about technology, it’s about how technology has changed who we are and what do. Many people get hung up on how social media has changed the non-profit world. Instead, the key to understand the revolution in non-profit marketing and communications is to understand how social media has changed all of us,” says Suart.

“The Revolution” covers a lot of ground: the death of advertising, the looming battle for the minds of stakeholders and the commoditization of the non-profit world. For the first time in a simple and short book, it puts all the pieces together into one story that will change the way you think about the challenges facing non-profit marketing.

Suart is one of Canada’s foremost experts in non-profit marketing and communications. Based in both Kingston and Toronto, he is the author of the Non-Profit Marketer Blog, the moderator of the Canadian Non-Profit Marketing Group at Linkedin, a frequent guest blogger at the Guardian Newspaper in London and the creator of NP Humour, the world’s only non-profit comedy website. He is the author of four other influential non-profit marketing publications: